We Offer Multi-faceted and Comprehensive Care

Laboratory, ECG (heart diagnostics), X-rays, pulmonary function test, diagnostic ultrasound (abdominal organs, thyroid, soft-tissues), 24-hour blood pressure measurement and an own pharmacy which allows a quick and complete treatment by medication.

  • Home Visits
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Small Surgical Interventions
  • Medical Examinations for the School
  • We treat patients up the age of 12
  • Preoperative Examinations
  • General Health Check up`s and Counselling in Preventing Care and Health Promotion
  • Gynaecological Examinations and Counselling
  • Diving Medical Examinations and Certificates
  • Consultations and Examinations in Sports Medicine
  • Assistance in Crisis Management (Coaching)
  • Advice on Risk Taking Behaviour (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc.)
  • Travel and Tropical Medical Consultation and Related Vaccines
  • Vaccines within the Current Vaccination Programme and Revaccinations for Adults
  • Driving Aptitude Assessments (In the case for elder people only for Patients in our treatment)
  • Individualized Check up of your Immune system (for more details consult special page: “Special offers” at the end)